“Jamie spent the time to get to know me and my goals. She was able to customize a plan that worked for me and what I wanted to accomplish. I’m so grateful to work with someone who was truly invested in my success!”

– Lia, 32

“I have found Jamie to be a very easy person to work with. She not only has the knowledge to use exercise to strengthen the body, but she has an excellent way of finding just the right combination of things that challenge me but don’t overwhelm and discourage. She is great at giving encouragement both by her remarks and by observations of the progress I’ve made over time. She has taught me many things about better and more nutritious choices in my diet, and has spent many hours creating personal workout routines to help me meet my health goals. I am happy to say I am 20 lbs lighter, I am continuing to see my body transform as my waist tightens, I lose fat and increase muscle. I am finally back in the “healthy” category for body fat percentage.”

– Joni, 55

“Jamie’s passion about nutrition rang true to me as she explained things so I could understand. By her taking the time to offer alternatives, telling me where to find them, and giving me the reasons I should use them, I now feel good about myself and my weight is steadily decreasing.”