What you eat greatly impacts your health; you and only you have complete control over that.

Since poor diet is one of the risk factors for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, that also means that you have some control over these illnesses. Without the right guidance, taking control can be a daunting task.

I have come up with specialized packages geared towards helping you gain control of your body again in the healthiest, most sustainable way possible. These packages were designed based on methods I’ve used with my most successful clients.

If you are ready to make yourself a priority and committ to a healthier lifestyle with less medications and doctors visits and more paid time at work and fun times with friends and family, then you too can become one of my most successful clients.


Specialized Nutrition Packages

Each package begins with a 1 on 1 meeting to review your health history, current lifestyle habits, and goals. I will also use this time to determine if you are ready to commit to one of the below programs. Each one requires time, dedication, and an open mind. If you can promise me that, I can promise that I will motivate and support you every step of the way and do my best to help make the transition to a healthier lifestyle as smooth and painless as possible.

The packages below are made up of a combination of my individual services and require at least a 3 month commitment. The cost for the first 3 months is $599 up front.

Payment plans may be discussed if necessary.

Fat Loss 

 This package is for you if you are looking for:

> Decreased body fat

> More self- confidence

> Improved body image

> More energy

> More restful sleep

> Improvement in body systems & organs like: better digestion, clearer skin, decrease/eliminate headaches, etc.

Insulin Resistance Reversal/ Diabetes Control

 This package is for you if you are looking to:

> Decrease & normalize blood sugar without medication

> Reduce use of medication

> Prevent going from a state of insulin resistance to a type II Diabetic

> Reduce symptoms of Diabetes if you are a Diabetic

Autoimmune Disorder/Food Sensitivities/Seasonal Allergies

 This package is for you if you:

> want to reduce symptoms of AI such as joint pain, inflammation, headaches, and weight gain

> Have tried medication for AI and nothing seems to help OR you just would prefer to not be on meds

> Have known food sensitivites

> Frequently experience bloating, gas or belching

> Have been diagnosed with GERD or frequently experience heart burn 

> Experience seasonal allergies – runny nose, itchy eyes, fatigue, headaches

Sports Performance

This package is for you if you want to:

> Improve your athletic performance

> Recover faster from workouts

> Have more energy for workouts and throughout the day

> Have more restful sleep

> See & feel more results faster

 *I will tailor this package to your needs whether you are an endurance, strength, or team sports athlete. 

Individual Services

Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation 

This comprehensive health assessment is required prior to receiving any additional services. During this 90 minute session I will evaluate blood labs, review current diet and supplement intake, assess symptoms and lifestyle habits such as sleep, stress, and exercise and help you set S.M.A.R.T. goals. You will receive personalized recommendations, healthy recipes, grocery shopping & cooking tips to help you get started right away on your journey to better health.

Follow Up Appointment

These 50 minute sessions are a time to evaluate your progress thus far, review any new labs or symptoms, and make modifications to your plan based on current goals. I recommend a minimum of 3 follow up appointments spaced one month apart. These are crucial for your success as they are a way to keep in contact with me for constant motivation and accountability.

Meal Plans

No clue what to eat? Don’t know how to prepare vegetables? Need help coming up with a shopping list? Following a Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation, you will receive a 6 week meal plan designed to help you meet your goals. Recipes and a grocery shopping list are included.

Food Journal Reviews

Not sure if you’re eating the right things? Unsure if you should be eating more or less calories? Keep a daily food log to track what you eat and when and I will review it.  You will receive comments and suggestions for how to make improvements on a weekly basis.

Phone Call Check-Ins

Take advantage of a 30 min. phone call with me to ask questions, make modifications to your plan, receive suggestions for recipes and healthy snack options, and have someone to hold you accountable. These sessions are to be used on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

**Must have had Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation within 3 months of scheduling.

*Best paired with Food Journal Reviews. 

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