What you eat greatly impacts your health; you and only you have complete control over that.

Since poor diet is one of the risk factors for heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, that also means that you have some control over these illnesses. Without the right guidance, taking control can be a daunting task.

I have come up with specialized packages geared towards helping you gain control of your body again in the healthiest, most sustainable way possible. These packages were designed based on methods I’ve used with my most successful clients.

If you are ready to make yourself a priority and committ to a healthier lifestyle with less medications and doctors visits and more paid time at work and fun times with friends and family, then you too can become one of my most successful clients.


3 or 6 month Personalized Nutrition Packages

Each package begins with a 1 on 1 meeting to review your health history, current lifestyle habits, and goals. These packages are best for individuals who require more 1 on 1 accountability and motivation along with the education on how to be successful. In both the 3 and 6 month packages you will get full service consulting services to include education on nutrition, stress management, exercise and sleep. You will also get unlimited support through email and text with your nutritionist throughout the 3 or 6 month time frame.

When you commit to yourself and sign up for either 3 or 6 months with me, I can promise that you will walk away more educated on how various foods affect your body, Less confused about what to eat and what not to eat, you will have a new arsenal of delicious healthy recipes and a greater confidence in the kitchen!

I invite you to schedule a Discovery Call with me before purchasing either of these packages to make sure I am the right fit for you.

Macro Template & Progress Tracking

This is an ongoing service designed to help you reach your fat loss & performance goals without delay! There is no nutritional counseling included, so it is suggested that you are already well educated on what the 3 macronutrients are and which foods fit into each category. You must be willing to stay dedicated to the plan, no matter what occasion pops up in life, and be willing to weigh your food. Every bite of it. At least for the time period you are tracking your macros.

Those with the highest level of dedication & commitment will see the best results the fastest.

For a goal of fat loss, clients typically see a healthy rate of losing .5 – 1lb. per week. Often times more in the first month.

For a goal of improved performance/muscle gain, clients typically see an increase in muscle mass at a rate of 0.5lbs. per week.

Purchase your initial template & 1st month of accountability here!

So you think it may be time for a change? Next, we have to ask the questions Why? and How? 

WHY make a change?

  • Your health is suffering, you’re sick all the time and can’t seem to get stress under control
  • You are uncomfortable in your own skin, you would never think of getting naked in front of anyone
  • You have a close family history of heart disease and/or Type II Diabetes and don’t want the streak to continue
  • Your clothes don’t fit anymore and you can’t afford to buy new ones, nor do you want to
  • You’re exercising more and more intensely and still not seeing the results you want
  • You want that 6 pack bikini body you see that girl always flaunting on Instagram

HOW to make a change?

  • Calorie restriction AKA eat less
  • Improve the quality of your food
  • Try the latest fad diet
  • Do a cleanse or a detox
  • Join a gym
  • Get personalized advice from a qualified professional that will last you a lifetime
  • Focus on changing your mindset and thoughts around food
  • Learn to love your body, no matter what

What is your WHY?? And how are you going to make a change?

Schedule a Discovery Call with me below if you need help finding answers, or, if you already know which service you’d like to get started with you can sign up below!

It’s time to make a change!