Hard Boiled eggs are such a perfect food. They’re portable, as long as you have a cooler. They’re high in protein and healthy fats which will fill you up so you don’t get hungry in between meals. They have no carbohydrates or sugar so they won’t cause an insulin spike. They can be eaten plain or with a little S&P or made into so many different meals! Egg Salad Sammies, Egg Salad over greens, deviled eggs, HB eggs filled with guac or hummus just to name a few.

I just recently purchased an Instant Pot after hearing so many amazing things about it and found directions for the easiest hard boiled eggs ever. My IP came with a metal shelf but there is also a steaming basket you can purchase separately. Either will do.
How to make Easy Peel Hard Boiled Eggs:
You’ll want to put 1 Cup of water in the IP and then┬áplace as many eggs as you want or can fit onto the basket. Lock the lid on tightly and make sure the steam release is closed. Manually set it for 5 minutes on high pressure and then wait about 5 minutes for it to come to temperature. 10 minutes later your eggs will be steamed. You can manually release the pressure right away or wait a few minutes and then release. You only start with 1 C of water so it doesn’t get too crazy when you release the steam manually.

Have an ice bath waiting for those hot eggs so you can take them for a dip to stop the cooking process. Once they are cooled, remove from water, pat dry, and start peeling! You should find that the shell comes off SO much more easily than regular stove top HB eggs. Of course where you crack the egg you’ll have some tiny pieces, but as you can see I was able to get most of the shells off in 2 halves! MUCH MUCH faster than normal and actually makes me want to make HB eggs more often! Plus, there’s essentially no clean up!

What is your favorite way to eat Hard Boiled Eggs?


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